Tax and Compliance Support Services

Accounting firms find tax returns to be onerous and more time - consuming tasks. The tax department usually handles these tasks throughout the year, but it can become quite tedious during the peak season. While your tax returns and calculations are served through SBPO at the back-end, you will be able to focus your energy in delivering growth-driven strategies and solutions to your clients. We focus on making these services profitable through a reduction in costs and making more spots available for new clients.

  • Individual Tax Returns Outsourcing - Our services ensure that you get maximum support during the peak seasons. You can check the status of tax returns, get reports and analyze the ones which are ready for submission. We simplify personal tax preparation process by computing income and filing tax returns for individuals while you can enhance the profit with this arrangement.
  • VAT Outsourcing Services - Outsourcing your clients’ VAT requirements to SBPO means you get to work with trained and qualified accountants who can maintain VAT compliance calendar for all your clients ensuring that their returns and forms are timely filed and giving you more opportunities to enhance your service offerings.
  • Corporate Tax Outsourcing – We believe that efficient management and compliance of taxes for our clients within due dates is our top priority. At SBPO, we get connected with your team and assist them in filling corporate tax returns, withholding / instalment tax and other forms and returns applicable to your clients.
  • Compliance Support Services – In the era of governance and compliance, regulatory bodies keep on adding forms and returns that business houses need to file with the respective bodies. This keeps on adding compliance burden on the accounting firms which are time bound and that’s where SBPO can assist you. We can remotely work for your clients in filing various forms, returns and annual returns within stipulated time and taking the compliance burden off from your shoulder. We can also assist in maintaining the minutes of meeting, drafting of agenda and memorandum.

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