Procure to Pay (P2P)

SBPO provides coordinated and integrated action taken to fulfil the requirement for goods and services in sequential stages, ranging from creating vendor master till payment to vendors. This helps you save costs and find affordable yet effective solutions for your procurement cycle. 

  • Accounts Payable and T&E Services - Both directly impact your business’ cash flow, supplier relationships and regulatory compliances. We deliver accurate processing that cuts down the operating costs by strategically utilizing the latest technology. Our system explores innovative methods to save costs, efficiently manage working capital and build a long-lasting supplier relationship. 
  • Invoice Processing – We all know that invoice processing can be done only after following rigorous procurement procedure and for that we can prepare the Purchase Order after getting the purchase requisition or after reaching reorder level. Manually handling a lot of paperwork can be tiring after some point. We have a smarter solution for your Accounts department to avoid this time-consuming process. Let us help revamp the complete process implementing customized automated solutions. This will lead to an efficient, robust and rigorous billing process. This saves a lot of time for your team who can now focus on other high-ticket activities. 
  • P2P Reporting - Get well researched and calculated reporting on all the major P2P aspects. We create personalised report that matches with your business’ requirements. Our team will also send the periodic report which will help management in taking strategic decision. Let us help you stay optimized in your P2P process. 
  • Supplier Helpdesk Service - Our P2P services include Helpdesk for the vendors and suppliers. Get access to significant information and queries online. We help your business experience a lasting and steady relationship. This helps you to manage supplier questions, answer them quickly and create a seamless query process. 



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