Order to Cash (O2C)

We follow a strong strategy to handle the O2C services, optimize your companies' cash flow, and establish a stronger relationship with the consumers. The focus is to create a cost-efficient solution that delivers a seamless selling experience to your clients with our services. With the use of latest technology and software, we will manage your whole cycle right from receipt of purchase order till receiving payments from them.

  • Accounts Receivable and Credit Control Services - Having an essential cash flow procedure is dire to improve the overall performance of your business. SBPO ensures that you receive quick payments by complying to the credit control practices and by raising reminder flags as per your credit cycle. This also helps you to build a stable relationship with your customers.
  • Billing - Maintaining bills, reviewing customer details and contracts can be a tiring task which takes a lot of time and efforts. What if you could enhance your cash flow management to fulfil your business objectives. Our in-house experts work on optimizing your billing process so that your team can efficiently complete the daily activities and ensure a seamless consumer experience.
  • Customer Helpdesk - The key role for providing customers with a high-quality experience is solving their queries quickly and providing them access to relevant data. Our customer help desk services provide quick solutions to consumers resolving any kind of conflicts that might occur. This would build a relationship of trust with your customers, converting them into loyal clients. 
  • Customer Master Management - Customers expect to receive personalised services based on their preferences. In the modern world, brands can thrive only if they have detailed customer data to offer satisfactory services. We maintain a customer master database for your requirements. This includes quotations, credit limits, creditworthiness, likes, dislikes and more. Treat your customers with personalized services with our latest and updated customer records.
  • Month - end Closing - This procedure can be complex when you’ve multiple transactions and customers to deal with. At SBPO, we have helped several clients manage their month-end closing process. Our team enhances the process efficiency by keeping a standard customer record from the beginning. 
  • Reporting - O2C reporting comprises capital inflow which makes this process crucial for running businesses with an optimized growth plan or companies that usually face cash crunch. SBPO provides you with a timely personalized report to meet your business requirements.


What is important for you, Is important for us.

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