Human Resource Support Services

HR is not limited to scouting for talented professionals. Our Human Resource support services are focused on helping companies grow and expand their operations. We take care of processes like audits, payroll and regulatory reporting so that your team can work on the more critical tasks at hand.

  • Payroll Administration - Focusing on the staff payroll administration tasks, can be a tedious job that would exhaust your company resources, preventing your HR team from working on crucial strategies. At SBPO, we appreciate an insightful partnership process that lets your company have a team of Payroll experts, who can comply with the local government’s employment tax liabilities. Grab this chance to work with professionals to undergo a dynamic transformation.
  • Regulatory Reporting and Compliance - It’s crucial to stay updated and comply with the latest regulatory requirements for every enterprise. We provide regulatory reporting and compliance assistance via offshore centres to mitigate compliance risks under the statutes where the business is operated.
  • Audit Assistance - Internal audit can be both time-consuming and expensive. To ensure that your F&A department functions efficiently, you need an experienced team to provide risk advisory through conducting internal audit. You get the freedom to focus on growth-driven actions while our team shifts your business towards dynamic transformation.        SPBO also offers Audit Assistance services where you can work with a professional team of accountants, who can assist in conducting year-end procedures and assist in finalizing your accounts.

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